Clean Your Carpet With Carpet Shampoo

As a part of house cleaning routine, shampooing your carpet regularly is highly recommended. If your carpet is clean it provides your whole household with a positive image. You and your family can enjoy fresh and comfortable home life with a clean carpet, and also your guests will be favorably impressed.  So it is important to keep your carpet clean and maintain it in good condition.

There are some different ways to clean your carpet. If you haven’t clean it for a long time and it is heavily stained or extremely dirty, probably you need a professional carpet cleaning. If you go online you will find quite a few carpet cleaning companies that provide professional cleaning service such as steam carpet cleaning. Look for the ones in your neighborhood and choose the one you like after comparing their service and price.

If you would like to clean your carpet by yourself, there are many commercial carpet shampoos available. If you go to a super market or hard ware store, you will find various kinds of carpet shampoo. Some of them are targeting certain stains others are mainly for removing dirt and smell caused by pets. Look around and find the one suit your purpose best. They are all easy to use and reasonably priced. If you prefer make your own carpet shampoo, here is a recipe for homemade carpet shampoo for you.

Homemade Carpet Shampoo


3 teaspoons of washing liquid
A quarter cup of white vinegar
A quarter  cup of cloudy ammonia
500 ml water

Get yourself a bucket or a large bowl and put all the ingredients together. Mix it until well combined. That’s all. So now you can start cleaning your carpet with this homemade carpet shampoo.

First, vacuum clean your carpet thoroughly. You should do it at least once a week to maintain the good condition and general cleanness of your carpet, it also helps extend your carpet’s longevity.

After you finished vacuuming, get the homemade carpet shampoo you made. Spray or sprinkle the shampoo on the carpet, then using a clean cloth sponge the shampoo onto the carpet and then scrub until it gets clean. When it is clean, wipe over using a clean damp cloth and leave it to dry. Don’t walk on it when it is still wet.

Homemade carpet shampoo is easy to make, safe and environmentally friendly. As a bonus, you can save money!